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Safety Stickers


Security Labels

  • Security labels for tamper-proof protection of products during transit

  • Options include destructive warranty void labels, silver void security seals, white void security labels, and tamper-proof adhesive labels

  • Trusted by research institutes, manufacturers, and laboratories

  • Displays the word "void" as evidence of tampering once removed


High Temperature Labels

  • Durable high-temperature labels for industrial, electrical, food packaging, and medical equipment.

  • Resistant to heat, chemicals, and oil withstanding up to 300°F.

  • Made of polyester material for durability and long-lasting performance.

  • Maintain a smooth surface, stability, and endurance under extreme heat.


Chemical Hazard Label

  • Chemical hazard labels indicate dangerous chemicals and their effects.

  • Labels must be affixed to the container surface by suppliers to ensure safe handling.

  • Digitally printed labels available in a range of materials for different surfaces.

  • Custom warning labels for drums, boxes, and containers available for the chemical industry.


Warning Labels

  • Chemical hazard labels with symbols indicate dangerous chemicals and their effects.

  • Digitally printed chemical hazard labels available in a range of materials for different surfaces.

  • Custom warning labels for drums, boxes, and containers are also available.

  • Attention given to appropriate colors and pictograms for effective communication of hazards.


Perforated Labels

  • Custom perforated labels for tamper-evident bottle seals and clean room door seals

  • Waterproof and all-weatherproof stickers tear easily along custom perforation lines

  • Clear, transparent round stickers ideal for security purposes and pull-out security tabs

  • Easy separation of different parts of the label by tearing along perforated dots


Void Stickers

  • Void stickers provide evidence of tampering by cracking or chipping upon removal

  • Tamper-evident destructible labels with unique security measures and strong adhesive

  • Conform to irregular surfaces, ideal for electronic gadgets, equipment, and appliances

  • Used as calibration void, warranty void, and tamper-evident seals for effective security measures


Tamper Evident Labels

  • Custom Tamper Evident Labels to protect products

  • Shows clear signs of tampering if removed

  • Logos, barcodes, or number serialization available for added customization

  • Tamper Void labels available in silver or white, display "void" if removed

  • Ideal for securing sensitive items

  • Provides peace of mind for tamper evident security

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